Social Committee Open Meeting Minutes

Meeting of 6th July 2021

WiG Social Committee called an open meeting to meet with the village residents on 6th July 2021 to discuss future events following the Covid-19 pandemic and previous poor attendance. This meeting was called at short notice so a number of interested parties were unable to attend.

Committee members present:

Simon Davies

Becky Herbert

Sheilagh Williams

Becky Stubbs

Other Villagers present:

Dav Baulch & Vicky Balch

Geoff Mitchell

Robyn Rimmer

M Howard

V Hounsell

Ian Holding

Dave & Chris Lewis

N Gleod

Steve & Maureen Doble


Ian & Angela Borland

John & Anne Bridges

Lucy Luton

Helen Bragg

Sheilagh Williams welcomed all to the meeting.

The committee were keen to understand the requirements of the village for social events following the Covid-19 pandemic as the last two open air events hosted coming out of ‘lockdown’ were not well attended.

The opinion of the next event, the Village BBQ and fun dog show proposed for 26th September was brought forward for discussion.

After lengthy discussion, it was decided that it would be brought forward to Saturday 4th September and emphasis wold be put on it being a ‘fun dog show’ and BBQ and the best venue would be the field below the Church field. The committee will now proceed with the arrangements for this event on the revised date proposed; 4th September 2021..

Dav Baulch suggested that the Committee need to analyse why people were currently not attending events. It was generally agreed that as we were only just emerging from a year and a half of lockdowns, people were insecure regarding any event held, therefore we needed to ease group activities in gently.