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The Gardening Group

We are an informal group of people who share an enthusiasm for gardens and gardening, some with lots of knowledge, often acquired through trial and error, others relatively new to gardening. At the last meeting where we were actually able to meet in person, we shared thoughts on what we enjoy about our gardens, the sense of peace and joy of watching things grow coming out top.

Our meetings include time to share topical tips for both the flower and vegetable gardeners, and sometimes practical activities, and occasional garden visits. We enjoy the social contact and being able to share our enthusiasm for plants. Originally we met once a month in the village hall, but we far prefer meeting in a member’s garden when we can.

Sometimes to just enjoy, other times to suggest solutions to gardening problems or dilemmas. During lock-down we have tried to keep in touch via the newsletter, and it is through this that some of the more recent decisions for the selection of plants and the bench for the village green have been made. A number of members who were able, have been out doing the work on the green, over past months.

New members welcome

Now that the restrictions have eased, we are looking forward to meeting again. We very much welcome new members, experienced or novice alike. See the latest newsletter for details of the next meeting.

Do call Chris Lewis 01275 849214 or Penny Roberts 07907 752654 for more information

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