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Parish Pump - August Edition

It's been far too long since I provided an update on the Parish Pump back in April, a post which has been read 98 times, showing how important an undertaking this is for many parishioners.

I'm very pleased to announce the August edition is now in planning, following the timelines below:

25th July - Final cut-off for content

9th August - final copy sent to print

23rd August - Parish Pump deliveries begin to the whole parish

In order to collate an edition worthy of the title Parish Pump, a crack team of content providers have been formed, soon to be deserving of a Hollywood franchise to chronical their exploits. (I'd settle for a TV miniseries along the lines of Press Gang, for those who remember TV from the 1980s and 90s)

The Parish Pump team is:

Dav Baulch - Editor

Stu (Honorary Editor)

Becky Herbert, Sheilagh - Social Committee news

Chris Lewis and Penny Roberts - Gardening Club news

Vicky Baulch and Lucy Luton - Recipes

Knut Beekmann - Photography

Beccs and Nev - Jokes page

Anne Chavasse and John Bridges - Church news

Beccy Stubbs - rural life / nature

Dav Baulch - History Pump

Angela Borland - art, poetry, prose, anything goes

We already have 20 pages of planned content, but there is always room for more if anyone wishes to get involved. If you want to join the team or offer content please reach out to

In addition to providing content we also need volunteers to help deliver the Parish Pump. If you want to help, please reach out at the same address.

Lastly we invite businesses to advertise in our pages, if you have a business and wish to advertise within the Parish Pump please get in touch now to make it into the August edition, we have sensible and simple pricing models which will benefit both parties.

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