Stakeholder Update North Somerset Council 5th March

Updated: Apr 2

Friday 5 March 2021

Dear all

With schools going back on Monday, the roadmap in place, and coronavirus cases falling there’s a real sense of hope that we might be able to start moving towards the end of restrictions in our lives.

Thank you to everyone for following the guidelines. It is not easy, but every day of home school, every video call, and every foggy pair of glasses from your face covering, is making a difference.

For now, we remain in lockdown. Please continue to stay at home as much as possible. From Monday two individuals from different households may meet to socialise outside, but the government’s current rules about staying at home still apply until at least 29 March.

Take it slow and steady, keep up the hand washing, face coverings, and social distancing, and we will hopefully keep moving in the right direction.

Latest coronavirus data

Recorded cases of coronavirus have continued to fall in North Somerset.

107 new cases have been identified in the latest seven-day period reported for North Somerset compared with 169 the previous week. Our case rate per 100,000 head of population has continued to decrease and is now 49.8 compared with a South West figure of 46.1, and an England rate of 86.4.

There is a lag in case data meaning the latest information is for the week ending Saturday 27 February.

You can see more detail on our local case data at

Case data is also available at national, regional, council and neighbourhood level at

Vaccinations in North Somerset

The vaccination programme has now started to invite people aged 60 and over for their first dose. Anyone aged 60+ can book their vaccination online or call 119. Anyone else in eligible vaccination groups should wait to be contacted by the NHS.

The latest NHS data shows that up to Sunday 28 February 79,445 people in North Somerset have been vaccinated with at least one dose.

You can find the vaccination figure reports on the NHS website.

Help spread the word to remember those we’ve lost