Plant Sale

As you have probably seen from the Parish Pump, the hope is that we will be able to hold another self-service Plant Sale this year, on

Saturday 22 May and Sunday 23 May


Obviously the success of the plant sale, is dependant on us, as members of the group providing the plants to sell. We always do so well, particularly due to the sterling efforts of Ann and Chris, but the more people that can contribute, even if it is just a couple of plants, the better the choice for everyone! Perhaps you have one or two spare plants that could be potted up now, so that they are in perfect condition, for the sale? Or perhaps you will have some annual flower or veg plants that you could spare?

How are the cuttings going that we took at Becky’s garden meeting? Note from Penny: “Mine are doing really well, and might perhaps even be ready for the sale – should have done more! Useful note to remember for next year. By the way, I can’t remember who donated the little hebe cuttings, could you tell me which one it is, I’ve lost the label?”

Plants available now!

Geoffrey Mitchell has been lovingly tending his sweet pea seedlings all through Lock-Down. They are now hardened off and looking for some green fingered new owners! All proceeds will go to the Plant Sale for the Church Funds – for their new boiler. Geoffrey gave us an interesting talk on methods for growing spectacular plants, – but I am sure that if you speak nicely to them, his plants will be prepared to just get on and climb your trellis or pea sticks!

The following are for sale:

  • Show quality, mixed colour sweet peas. Grown from first class seed last October, they have received individual attention, been hardened off, and are now flourishing plants 3-4” tall, some 6” £2 each

  • Sweet peas, miniatures, some two colour mauve and purple, also ready to go out £1.50 each

  • Wild perennial sweet peas, seed collected locally, magenta, white perhaps also? £1 each

  • Vegetable plants will be available to pre-order: Runner beans and broad beans – if you order asap Geoff will go and get some more seed if needed. 50p per plant

To order, email Geoffrey, he’s looking forward to a rush of emails!


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