North Somerset Council update

Friday 30 April 2021

Dear all

With coronavirus restrictions in place until at least June, please keep yourselves safe over the bank holiday.

Washing hands, wearing face coverings, and staying at least 2m away from anyone you don’t live with are still the most important things anyone can do to protect yourself and your loved ones from coronavirus.

Staying out in the fresh air is also essential in reducing the risk of future outbreaks, as well as taking up the offer of a Covid-19 vaccination.

Infection rates in North Somerset have fallen sharply as a result of lockdown, but numbers have been edging up over the last two weeks.

With restrictions lifting it can be easy to let our guard down and forget the basic safety steps we’ve all been taking this last year to reduce our risk of catching Covid.

Lower infection rates can also give as a sense of safety. But this is still a dangerous disease and we’ve seen how quickly things can take a turn for the worst if we aren’t careful.

We’ve all enjoyed reconnecting with our friends and family over the last few weeks and it could be really tempting to skip ahead and mix with more people than we should, or go inside if forecast rain reaches us on Monday.

Taking things slowing, one small step at a time, will let us keep moving forward.

Up to six people from different households or members of two households can meet outside under the current Covid restrictions. Outdoor hospitality can open, as well as most outdoor attractions.

Latest coronavirus data

Recorded cases of coronavirus have risen for a second week in North Somerset.

41 new cases have been identified in the latest seven-day period reported for North Somerset compared with 31 in the previous week. Our case rate per 100,000 head of population has increased to 19.1. This compares with a South West figure of 15.2, and an England rate of 24.5.

There is a lag in case data meaning the latest information is for the week ending Saturday 24 April.

You can see more detail on our local case data at

Case data is also available at national, regional, council and neighbourhood level at