Speed Watch Update - August 2021

Our current volunteer group consists of: Sheilagh, Wendy and Gary (new to our village), Tony & Jayne, Sister Carol, Vicky Baulch, Jeremy Crowhurst, James Luton, Cllr Stubbs, Cllr Baulch, Cllr Luton, Cllr Cranshaw

This is a great start, but if we want to be really effective over a relatively short period of time, we need more volunteers. If you know of any please get them to reach out to me direct or via the website.

We have reached out to Walton Parish council to provide us with an opportunity to learn a bit of best practise and share tips and advice on the most effective way to carry out the watch.

I know what you’re all thinking… just point the speed gun thing at the traffic and record the car details, right!?...

And of course, yes this is true but there are different protocols and policies that are in play depending on what we plan to do with the data captured.

When we brought the subject up at the last meeting, I explained that we’d be first looking to analyse the data of road users coming through the village so that we are better informed when looking at implementing speed prevention initiatives.

I am very keen to ensure we avoid traps that other councils have found themselves in whereby they implement an initiative such as speed bumps without fully understanding whether this is the right solution for the type of road and typical road user.

Let us spend a bit of time understanding what’s working in the village next door so that we can move forward with the most effective plan.

We’ll then create the process and share with members at an Induction meeting so you’re all clear on the Dos and Don’ts from a safety perspective (as well as potentially legal stance too)

I’m hoping we’ll meet with Walton soon and with Police having joined the national Speedwatch organisation.

In the meantime please encourage more volunteers, the more we can kick off with, the better.

I hear a lot of passion for this subject so I’m hoping for a massive uptake of people who are willing to help us make a positive change for us all in our village.

Thanks to all who have stepped up, especially to our new parishioners Wendy and Gary!

Cllr Lucy Luton


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