Roads and Transport Update - June

(i) Speedwatch

Volunteers have come forward to take part in Speedwatch, which has suffered from low numbers for some time now. Cllr Luton Baulch and Stubbs met informally to share ideas for the operation of speedwatch and to receive training in the speed gun discuss appropriate locations safety rules and core principles such that an onboarding session for our volunteers can take place soon.

Core objective of the new speedwatch campaign will be to collect data to fully understand and visualise the scale of the speeding issue at key points on the main road. Armed with the date we can then utilise the facts in our campaign to reduce speeding through the village.

More volunteers are needed and a campaign to recruit will begin shortly using all communication methods.

(ii) Cadbury Lane

Parking on the junction

Cllr Baulch surveyed the site, noting distance of parked cars from the junction and found multiple vehicles breaching highway code which states clearly:

1. Vehicles cannot park opposite a junction

2. Vehicles should not park within 10 meters of a junction

Cllr Baulch also met with the owners of one of the cars in question and advised the residents to park elsewhere to avoid any complicity with an accident which may be caused by the obstruction to the junction. This advice has been followed.

Junction bollard

Cllr Baulch inspected the remains of the bollard which was removed by highways after it had been struck by a vehicle. Cllr Baulch will follow up with highways to find out when the bollard will be replaced.

(iii) Valley Road Tip danger

Cllrs Down and Harris have been actively engaging the recycling centre and police concerning the dangers posed by queing traffic on Valley Road, vehicles overtaking on the blind bend and reduced access for farm vehicles which use valley road as a main tributary. Contacting Portishead Town council to have the high hedge cut back on the blind bend has been proposed.

David and Paul to give their update of progress.

(iv) 20s Plenty

Cllr Luton, Baulch and Stubbs met with John Simmons of the 20s Plenty national campaign and recorded his excellent presentation for the website. We learned of the campaign, specifically engaging NSC, to endorse 20 limits for all residential areas. We’ll follow up with John and learn more about what we can do to extend our 20 limit and enforce the 20 zone we already have.

(v) Recent accident involving 3 cyclists

Cllr Luton and Baulch have engaged residents at the rectory concerning the serious accident involving 3 cyclist who were speeding through the village. Police in attendance were very supportive of the initiative to turn the 30 into 20 at the west end of the village. Unfortunately, although requested to by the police, highways have so far declined to come and inspect the scene.

(vi) Recent accident concerning motorbike at junction to Cadbury lane

More information has been revealed concerning the motorbike accident at the top of Cadbury lane where the rider became wedged between the stone wall and the car parked at the junction. Many thanks to Chris Jones for being on the scene and helping emergency services in recovering the injured rider. It is still not clear what the cause was as the Police do not engage the council with further information concerning accidents. If the bollard had still been in place could the accident have been avoided?


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