Gardening Group Update - Nov 2021

Despite lockdown, a lot of gardening activity has taken place in the last few weeks to brighten up the public areas of the village.

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that until the end of September a group of volunteers from the Gardening Group were out regularly watering the plant containers around the pub, and dead-heading the blooms to keep them flowering. We have received a number of positive comments on what a difference the containers make to the centre of the village. As well as being pleasing to us, research shows that flowers give the feel of a cared for village, which does apparently have the effect of slowing down traffic, which would be a great bonus.

Now the seasons have moved on, in early October, the annuals that were going over, have been cleared, and new bulbs planted ready for the spring. Sadly the containers, which Steve valiantly managed to patch up for this year are really showing their age; we are hoping that perhaps they will manage one more season, but thought does need to be given as to what to do next.

The Village Green has been so dry, we’ve even needed to regularly drag a hose across the road, to try to keep the new plants alive during the hottest weeks. Cooler days and ground that is no long bone dry herald the right time to progress the next stage of development of the Green. The important shrubs that will complete the framework of the garden are about to be purchased, with particular attention to year round interest.

Clearing the rubble from the two new centre beds revealed that the sewer pipes pass just a little under the surface. An interesting discovery! This of course means that we had had to amend our planting plan here, so will now be choosing more shallow rooting plants, and will delay this planting until the forthcoming house removals have been completed, it would be such a shame to have trampled soil and plants. Once planted all the beds will receive a good layer of mulch, to keep in the moisture and reduce the need for weeding.

The final touch will be the addition of a new sturdy garden bench, well anchored to the ground, which we hope will encourage people to pause and enjoy the garden as it changes through the seasons.

Throughout lock-down as a group we kept in touch through our newsletter, then in May, many members worked hard to make the Plant Sale happen, which made a significant contribution to church funds. We then resumed our meetings in June and have very much enjoyed gathering in member’s gardens over the summer.

Meetings are now back in the Village Hall, held on the first Thursday of the month, from 7-9.00p.m., (November and December, January to be confirmed). We would very much welcome new members, for more details call Chris Lewis Tel: 849214 or Penny Roberts 07907 752654.

Most of us are far from experts but all love time in our gardens, seeing things grow and learning from each other. If you feel the same, perhaps you might like to join us?


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