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Western Daily Press

NOV.18, 1938

Never "Believed” in Doctors

Mrs MARY ANN TRIPP, of Kew Villas, Bristol Road, Portishead, today becomes centenarian. In many ways she is a remarkable old lady and never ""believed"" in doctors until this year, when she had slight fall. Before then she had never received medical attention. She is the daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Wyatt, and was born in the neighbouring hamlet of North Weston.
She was christened at Weston-in- Gordano Parish Church. married at St. Peter's Church, Portishead, and has been a widow for just over 40 years.
45 Descendants. She is now living with her son. Mr Edwin Tripp (who is 72), a daughter, and a daughter-in-law, the combined ages of them ail being 311 years. Her descendants are six children. 19 grandchildren, and 20 great-grandchildren. Until a few years ago she was an enthusiastic gardener.
Apart from slightly impaired hearing, she has full use of all her faculties, being able to read and sew without glasses (she can even thread her own needle), and is able to walk about unaided.

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