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One legged man at Weston Lodge

Birmingham Daily Post

NOV. 10, 1954

One legged man enters Weston Lodge to reclaim false leg.

Eighteen months after a one-legged man had left his spare false leg with his landlady in lieu of rent, it was stated at Somerset Quarter Sessions yesterday, he re-entered the house to reclaim the limb because the false leg he was wearing needed repair. He did not find the limb, but was found himself, in a bedroom, by one of the tenants and the police were called.
The man, Howard James Challenger (22), a steel erector of Brockley Camp, Brockley near Bristol, limped out of court a free man yesterday having been acquitted by a jury on a charge of breaking and entering Weston Lodge, Weston-in-Gordano, with intent to steal.
He had pleaded not guilty. Challenger said that no one heard his knock, so he went In and had a look round. He had no intention of stealing and had hoped to settle his rent debt of a few pounds with 5s. weekly instalments in return for the leg.

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